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Creative planning; What about mistakes?

When it comes to planning creatively I spend time placing stickers on my planners to make them look more appealing. It draws me to them and relieves stress. I like to compare it to adult coloring. In the age of technology I don't have to use a paper planner but I enjoy seeing my plans come to life on a page.

After I plan I typically post the completed spreads on social media. The spreads I post typically look flawless, which leads to the question: What do you do when you mess up?

It never crossed my mind before that others would want a seemingly flawless spread to post on social media but it made sense to me. Typically I would cover a misspelled word or error with a sticker, but then I was contacted by Parkoo.

Parkoo is a company that makes erasable gel pens. Admittedly I have used erasable gel pens in the past but they usually skip a lot and didn't really erase well, so I was excited to try another option. I had also only tried black erasable pens.

These pens changed the game for me. They were vibrant had a variety of colors available and they actually erase well! To see a more detailed review of the pens, check out my review on youtube.

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