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Erin Condren Back To School Review

Hi Planners! In this blog post I'm talking all things back to school by Erin Condren. I don't know about you, but growing up, back to school was one of my favorite times of year. I knew there would be new clothes, shoes, a fresh hairstyle, and most importantly, new school supplies!

This collection is no different and brings me back to those times. This year the back to school collection by EC features new products featuring EC designs, and products featuring Star Wars and Hello Kitty.

Both the Star Wars and Hello Kitty collections feature stunning designs on notebooks, pens, stickers, and even sticky notes. If you (or a loved one) is a Star Wars or Hello Kitty fan, you won't want to miss out on browsing this collection. I was able to film a video reviewing the general back to school collection featuring cool Erin Condren products like a standing pencil case on my YouTube channel. You can view that video by clicking the button below:

The best part about these items is that they're exclusive, unlike the back to school supplies you find at big stores, you or your student will most likely be the only one in the classroom with these accessories. Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or an adult that enjoys fun planning and office supplies, I definitely think this collection is worth browsing and sharing with a friend or family member.

Want to see all of the new items in one place? Browse and shop all of the new items by tapping the button below. I was able to snag a few of these items for myself so I had to share with my readers. What's your favorite item from this new release?

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