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Erin Condren Life Planner Launch Guide 2023-24

What is Erin Condren Life Planner launch? When is it? What's so special about a Life Planner? Are there any discounts or promotions on launch day? All of these questions and more will be answered.

What is Erin Condren Life Planner launch?

Each year Erin Condren releases new planner designs in spring.

This year, launch day is Monday, April 24th for EC Insiders and Tuesday, April 25th for the public. These designs are used on their planners and accessories for the entire year (July-July).

This year the new designs are Wildflower, Inspire and Canvas. This launch includes July - June, July - December, and January - December planners. This launch gets planners and planner enthusiasts excited for new goals and productivity.

What's so special about a Life Planner?

The quality. Life Planners are have a reputation for having good quality paper, coils, covers,

and paper. They also have cool customization options. You get to pick your planner layout, cover (with name personalization options), coil color, and more.

I also find it special that each planner design comes with matching accessories. Who doesn't want a matching planny pack and tote to coordinate with their planner?

I could go on and on about what's special about a Life Planner, but for me the paper is always what wins me over. Each of the planners have thick high quality paper. This paper is perfect for stickers, glue, inky pens, highlighters, and markers. You can really get creative.

Are there any discounts or special promotions on Launch Day?

For launch day you can redeem EC Insider (free rewards program) points. You can also use a $10 reward when you sign-up for an EC Insider account with a new email.

There are also promotional bundles that allow you to save. These bundles are typically

available for a limited time only.

Can't forget the freebies! When you buy a Life Planner on Launch Day you get 2 freebies (for EC insiders)!

Will I be buying a planner for Launch Day?

Yes! I plan on buying the canvas vertical planner with an inspire cover. I also plan to buy a few inspire accessories and new markers.

If you choose to shop Erin Condren on Launch Day (or any day) I would appreciate if you consider using my affiliate link. You can click it here at no cost to you, and I may earn a small commission to put back into my blog and planner reviews.

If you're excited for Life Planner Launch Day join my Facebook group to share your excitement.

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