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How to Set-Up Your 2023 Planner!

It's December and that means my favorite time of year. Planner set-up time! Whether you are new to planning or have been planning for years, you may feel a little nervous about getting started in your planner. This blog is going to help you get started!

Add your name

The first step to setting up your planner is adding your name to the name page. If you're like me, you may find this page intimidating. After all, you will be stuck with this name page the entire year! I personally am not great and hand lettering, so I purchased name decals from According to Ali.


Whether you are a minimal planner or a more decorative one, accessorizing is always a fun way to set-up your planner. You can add stickers, highlighters, paper clips, or even photos of your family and friends. Check out my planner set-up videos to learn how to accessorize your planner and coordinate with lifestyle items all over the Erin Condren site. Planner Set-Up Video

Start Writing

It can be a challenge to write your goals and plan something out. Remember don't over think it. Your planner is a place for your to write your goals, thoughts, and plans. There are no wrong ways to plan! I hope you enjoy your planner set-up. Let me know, do you usually set up your new planner in the new year (January) or at the end of the year (December). Let me know in the comments.

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