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Love Yourself Challenge

For many, the 2021-22 school year was a challenging year. Parents and teachers alike faced many trials when it came to finishing the school year. Between new protocols and procedures, encouraging students through in-person learning, and dealing with various illnesses teachers, staff, parents, and their families found themselves struggling to get through the school year.

With many schools resuming classes as early as July, it may be challenging for some to complete a 30 day journaling challenge in August.

That is why I have written a 5 day Love Yourself Challenge for this month. For August (or any month you choose) I challenge you to read these prompts, write the answers to them in your notebook or planner, and really focus on self-love.

It's important to build confidence before facing trials, and for many, late summer/early fall comes with new beginnings and new schedules, which can be a challenge.

I hope you enjoy thinking about and writing these prompts in your notebooks and planners. Pick whatever 5 days works for you! You can choose a prompt one day each week of the month, or complete it in 5 consecutive days. The choice is yours

If you choose to post your challenge on Instagram or Tik Tok be sure to tag me @ChloetryPlans and my planner BFF @DesireePlans. We will be working as a team engaging with you all and will enjoy seeing how you accept the Love Yourself Challenge! The downloadable PDF is below.

Keep Dreaming,


Love yourself challenge
Download PDF • 2.00MB

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1 Comment

Kimmeri Ness
Kimmeri Ness
Aug 01, 2022

I love the 30 day challenges! Are you still going to post one for August?

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