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Making Time to Plan

We buy the planners, the stickers, the pens and one day we realize that buying planner supplies and actually using them are two different hobbies.

When is a good time to plan? How can you be consistent with planning? How can creative planning benefit you? Keep reading as I break down each area.

When to plan?

The short answer is whenever you want, but I like to take a little time on Sundays to plan. Sometimes I plan at home and sometimes I go to a coffee shop or the library to plan. Picking a time where you find yourself not so busy is ideal. So for me that's anytime after 4 PM on Sundays. Tip: Whatever time you choose, set an alarm for it in your phone to remind you.

How can you be consistent?

If you find yourself being inconsistent, it may be that you lack motivation or desire to plan. Ask yourself, what could excite me about planning? What goals do I want to work on? How can I celebrate myself?

Things to plan:


Outings with friends



Household Chores



Books to read


Need an accountability partner to be consistent with planning?

I'm your girl! My YouTube channel has videos that will inspire you to plan and create. I upload weekly. Many of my subscribers enjoy watching my videos on their TV or tablet for motivation. Whether we have the same planner or not, just having a routine to get your planning started can be helpful.

How can creative planning benefit you?

Taking time to plan and use your planner supplies is an investment in yourself. It can ease anxiety to plan out some of the responsibilities and goals on your mind. Also seeing those pretty planner supplies can give you that daily dose of dopamine we all need. Planning can truly be a form of self-care. Remember you deserve that few minutes a day or during the week to focus on you!

I hope this inspired you to take a few minutes to plan. Need a laugh? Check out my weekly reminders below!

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