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New Dream Plan Hustle x Back to School by Jase

When I first started my lifestyle collection Dream Plan Hustle, I knew I wanted to give back. I was raised by a single parent for 12 years, so it was important to me to support single parents and give back to them. As a student success coordinator for first-generation college students, it's also important to me to support young artists and professionals. This collection serves and supports both!

Who is the designer?

The designer for this tee is my cousin Jase! She is 12 years old and very talented. I was honored to be able to plan this collaboration alongside her.

What is the cause?

Half of the proceeds of sales will go to Jase for designing the collection, and to support her dreams as a young creative.

The other half will go to a single parent in need.

Where & how can you support?

If you'd like to support this collection and mission, you can do so by clicking the button below to browse and shop the Back to School collection. You can also support by nominating a single parent (or self nominating) with the form at the bottom of this blog.

Last but certainly not least, please share this blog and collection with others.

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