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Plum Paper Planner: A Fully Customizable Experience

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Hi Planners! As a content creator and planner enthusiast I was elated at the opportunity to review the Plum Paper planner.

The Plum Paper Planner is a coiled planner with hundreds of customization options. When I went to choose my planner I wanted something I could use for social media and blog planning (surprise, surprise). I really needed a solution for a catch all planner with multiple different categories in one planning system.

I decided on the ME Layout which allowed me to customize multiple rows of subjects for my planner. The sections I added are: Instagram, YouTube, Website, Blog, and Workshop. I left the last section blank so that I could either decorate there or write in whatever subject I want in that section.

I thought it would bother me that the paper was smooth and not at all gritty but it didn't. I used a ballpoint pen with no problems or dreaded smearing. The paper is also thick enough to not see or bleed through which is nice when planning.

Ok, now here's one of my favorite features, ADD ONS! Plum Paper offers add on sections for the back of your planner. I chose (you guessed it) Blog for my add on section. But there are many others under the categories; business, educational, household, and lifestyle. When browsing the add ons I was impressed that there were add ons for basically any needs!

I have used the Plum Paper planner for a week and so far so good! I'm loving the bright colors, the functionality, customization to my needs, and the quality. Check out my YouTube video and other content related to Plum Paper on YouTube and Instagram.

Where to get a Plum Paper Planner:

All opinions of this product are my own and are not from paid promotion.

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