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The Creative Planner's Pen Guide

The most important thing to do after inding the right planner for 2022 is finding a pen. Without a pen you can't write your dreams and goals on paper. But whether you are new to planning or a seasoned planner, you know that all pens are not made the same.

Some pens are too light or too dark. Others are inconsistent with skipping and bleeding through the page. It's important to find the right pen for the right paper. That's where I come in. Here are my top 5 pens for creative planning.

1) Erin Condren Dual-Tip Marker

  • Works well on thicker paper. (Erin Condren, Cloth & Paper)

  • I enjoy using the black markers but it comes in many other colors

  • Thin tip and medium tip options on each pen

2) Sharpie S-Gel Pen

  • Sleek design

  • Smooth writing

  • No bleed

3) Sarasa Dry Airfit Grip Gel Pen

  • Bold ink

  • Comfy pen grip

  • No skipping

  • Quick dry time

4) Papermate Liquid Flair (Felt Pen)

  • Smooth writing

  • No skipping

  • Bold ink

  • Comes in various colors

Note: The Papermate pen and the Erin Condren dual tips are felt tip and both write more like markers. I love these pens because they don't skip and I find it easier to write neatly with them. The Sarasa Dry and Sharpie gel pens glide smoothly against

paper. All of these pens write well and are my go-to pens for planning and journaling.

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