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10 Tips for Students Taking Online Classes

As a college advisor. It's my job to do just that, advise! I enjoy working with students and sharing what has worked for me when I was a student and strategies that have worked for others.

With COVID-19 impacting education and the way many students are learning, I thought it would be beneficial to write and film 10 tips for college students taking online classes.

These tips could work for any student, but when I first came up with the idea for a video, I had college students in mind. I hope students can find these tips useful for semesters to come! Make sure you click the video to watch me elaborate on each tip!

  1. Introduce yourself to your professor (1:46)

  2. Create a schedule (3:54)

  3. Print a copy of your syllabus for each class (or save the pdf to a file that can be accessed without internet) (5:15)

  4. Create a routine (6:57)

  5. Organize your assignments (9:03)

  6. Check your ".edu" email regularly (9:47)

  7. Complete your FAFSA (10:00)

  8. Communicate with your support system (12:06)

  9. Make a list of the materials/resources you need to have a successful semester and ask for help from your college advisor (13:44)

  10. Document everything (15:11)

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