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How I designed my 2024 Planner Line-Up

Each year I share what planners I want to use for the upcoming year. As a planner enthusiast, I review tens of planners on my YouTube channel, but only a select few are chosen for my planner line-up.

Functionality, portability, and quality were all factors that helped me decide which planners to use. These are paper planners I intend on using for goal-setting, habit tracking, journaling, meal planning and more. In a digital age, I use outlook or apple's calendar to back up my plans. When it comes to working on goals and being creative, nothing compares to paper and pen!

If you don't have your planner for 2024 it's not too late. Hopefully my video gives you some inspo to pick your planner(s) for 2024. I hope you enjoy reading my planner line-up. If you enjoy audio and video, check out my planner line-up video!

Want to bullet journal without the lettering and drawing skills? Daily grind helps combine plans with challenges and habit tracking. This includes a 30 day productivity challenge and more. Habit tracking and budget tracking are just a couple ways this planner breaks down habits and routines for your everyday life. With the choice of a daily planner and different trackers, you can truly customize this planner for your needs. Daily Grind Planner Review Video

Since I started using the petite planner in 2019 I have loved it. With it being quarterly it's perfect for monthly and daily planning on the go. In addition to the daily planner I have also enjoyed using the petite meal planner, gratitude journal and budget planner. In addition to being practical, this planner is perfect for adding stickers and washi tape. With a large margin at the top of the page and blank space on the bottom of each page, this planner has space for different areas of life. I've used this planner a long time so I have plenty of videos on them. Petite Planner Plan With Me

This planner combines goal-setting, journaling, and planner with categories to cover each area of your everyday life. This planner breaks down goals every week, right alongside your plans. It's focused enough to be productive and open enough to allow you to get creative with your goals and planning. It helps you celebrate the small wins while working towards the big ones. Makselife Planner Review Video

When I first discovered creative planning it was with a vertical spread. I enjoyed being able to have space for each area of life while using washi tape, markers and stickers. By being able to get creative with planning, it allowed me to keep coming back to my planner. Planning was no longer a chore, it became fun! For this planner I am going to enjoy memory keeping, but it can also be functional. Erin Condren Softbound Planner Review Video

Sometimes I just need to be able to jot down ideas with no restrictions! For all of my lists, ideas, and scribbles I turn to a simple dot grid notebook.

Whether you decide to use one planner or multiple, I hope you continue or rejuvenate your love for creative planning in 2024. My videos are safe for work and small ears so that you can watch them for planning inspo whenever you need a pick-me up.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Tiktok so we can encourage each other on our goals throughout the year!

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