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Dream Plan Hustle 30 Day Journaling Challenge

Updated: May 31, 2022

Every summer I make it a goal to read and journal more. I love to reflect on how the year is going so far and take some time to be creative while journaling. One way to make journaling easier is to follow journaling prompts. I have enjoyed using journaling prompts from other bloggers in the past and I am excited to finally have my own!

Why journal? Journaling can help you reflect on your goals and self-care. It can help with venting, emotions and productivity. Journaling can also help with creativity and accountability.

Where to journal? Find a relaxing environment to journal in. Pick up that notebook you have been hoarding or find a spot in your planner to journal in. Don't overthink it. Some days you may want to skip or write very little. That's ok!

When to journal? It's easier to be consistent when you make journaling a part of your routine. Pick a time in the morning, on a lunch break, or before bed. Make sure to add journaling as a task in your planner. Set a reminder or alarm in your phone if needed.

Be creative! Grab that washi tape, those colorful pens & markers, and your stickers to decorate your journaling pages.

Share your journaling creativity with others! Feel free to share your creative journaling on Instagram and tag @chloetryplans & @dreamplanhustle or share in my Erin Condren Planners and Lifestyle Facebook group:

Need inspiration? Check out my following video on creative journaling:

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Dream Plan Hustle 30 Day Journaling Challenge (1)
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